Chaar sahibzaade 2

I have grown up hearing the story about chaar sahibzaade and the sacrifices they made. I have heard the story from my grandmother, probably my parents, at the gurdwara and punjabi school too. Then why did this movie had such impact on me? When I knew their age, how they sacrificed their lives for their faith, that they said no to all the materialistic things the commandor of mughal emperor Aurangzeb, Wazir Khan, offered to give them if they converted to Islam, then why? Yes, here’s some more thoughts this movie and the conversation I had with someone who is like an elder sister, woke in me.

I knew that they were kids. I knew that they aged 6, 9, 14 and 18 year old. I knew they were younger than I am now. However, still, viewing the movie, I was stunned.

The way the movie portrayed the chaar sahibzaade, by showing us their innocence – playing and joking with each other like normal kids do, I realized how big their sacrifice actually was and that they were like the normal kids we see around us today.

I think the reason why it made that big impact on me is that we have a tendency to think that chaar sahibzaade were something special – they were not like us normal humanbeings. It’s like we idealize them – like they had some special powers. Don’t get me wrong – by saying this, I am not trying to deevalute their sacrifices. I think that by idealizing them and unconsciously giving them “supernatural powers”, we are indirectly saying to ourselves that they were something different. They were different and that’s why they could do those sacrifices – we, however, are normal humans, we cannot do this. We don’t have this strength. We are making the gap between us and the chaar sahibzaade too big. This gap causes the belief that they and their strength were something superior – that we cannot find this strength in our own kids and in ourselves.

However, let me ask you a question. When we don’t believe that we or our kids have this potential, how can we develop it? I believe that we cannot develop this strength and confidence in ourselves if we don’t believe that we have the potential of it. We don’t believe that everyone have one of the chaar sahibzaade in the heart – that we have the potential to grow the same strength the chaar sahibzaade had.

By distancing ourselves from them, saying that they were extraordinary, we cannot become as extraordinary ourselves. Guru Gobind Singh Ji said that all Sikhs are his children. He treated us equally. There were also a lot of other Sikhs than the chaar sahibzaade who sacrificed themselves. Doesn’t that mean that we too can develop this strength in us?

If chaar sahibzaade – innocent kids – playing and joking with each other, like the kids we are surrounded by, had this potential, this potential lies in us too – to be courageous, loving, stand against injustice and put our own values and humanity above all materialistic things. We just need to hear the voices of chaar sahibzaade in our hearts and train ourselves to become like them. The key is inside us – we just need to grab a hold on it and open the door to welcome new, extraordinary qualities in ourselves.

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