To breathe

Do you breathe? You know that deep, long breath, that moves your stomach and breast? I realized some time ago that I don’t breathe properly. Now that I am aware of it – the times I remember to breathe, I can see an effect on me and I want to share it with you. However before that I want to thank the person who liked my page yesterday (you know who you are), because you draw my attention to my blog again, and I probably wouldn’t have written this post if it wasn’t for you.

What is breathing properly doing to me?

  1. Today at those times I remembered to breathe properly, I noticed that it made me smile more. That smile didn’t come from any reason, I just felt good. Try it – trust me, it’s a beautiful feeling – to smile for no reason.
  2. Breathing also made me listen more to what my heart said and follow it. For example when I was boarding the boat today, I wanted to stand outside at the deck instead of sitting inside and reading a book. I wanted this even though it was a bit chilly weather and it just had stopped raining. I didn’t give it a second thought, I just took a long, deep breath and followed my heart. You know what? It was a fantastic experience. Taking long, deep breaths, smiling for no reason and watching the sea and islands we passed by.
  3. I have also noticed that taking deep, long breaths while for example walking, makes the muscles in my body relax and I don’t overload my muscles in any way.
  4. Today I felt more fresh when I came home compared to other days. I don’t know if this has something to do with my long, deep breaths, but I suspect it to be the reason as I don’t know of other factors that I have changed today compared to other days.
  5. Whenever I took a long, deep breath, I saw that I noticed more details in my environment. In fact, I didn’t just notice, but I appreciated them too. The autumn colours.  The father and son doing something with their car. Baby playing with her mother. Babies crying. You may be thinking – how can someone appreciate babies crying? Well, I don’t know the answer to that, maybe I appreciated it as it’s normal for babies to cry, nothing to make a big issue of.
  6. I felt more living in the present. It’s like your breath always takes you back to the present when your mind jumps around between thoughts. I have always looked for an asset that can help me be more in the present, and I think I have found it.

I challenge you. Try it. Just one day. Feel the difference. See the difference. Please feel free to post comments here about your experiences – even if you didn’t feel any change. I want to hear about your experiences, so I have more to reflect upon.

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