Bye-bye instagram

I deleted my instagram-account today. First I thought of just deleting all my followers and everyone I was following, and creating a new secretive account where I could follow the few who inspired me by their posts in some way. I created that new account too, but now I am considering if I should keep this new account or let instagram leave my world.

It’s just that my mind is saying stop. I have a lot to do and a lot of thoughts racing through my mind. How can I get peace of mind when in the little free time I get, I spend that on getting updates on what other people are eating or doing. That only adds more thoughts in my mind, and I get no break. When I know I have a lot to do, and see other people posting pictures of time spent with friends – how can I avoid my mind to be distracted? How can I avoid that I will compare my situation with theirs and unhealthy thoughts like “I would love to be in their place” will raise? I will end up with negative feelings and the work I was going to do will be affected.

Now that I have deleted it (which felt very liberating), I have started to think of the use of it. Does it add something important in my life?

As my professor said today – research has shown that computer games are taking over children – children are spending less time playing in favor of the computer games. The same way I feel that the social media are taking over our lives – so we are spending less time doing what people valued more when social media didn’t exist – like talking face to face with our family and friends, playing with children, appreciating our environments. These are things we value today too – we just experience these moments less than people did before. Isn’t odd that one time ago looking at your mobile while being in a “conversation” with your friend was looked upon as disrespectful, and today it’s becoming more and more acceptable?

I can make an instagram account and say to myself – it’s because then I can read the wise things people share. But does it help me to read a post a few seconds, move on to the other post, without reflecting on it, understanding what meaning it has for my life and implementing it practically in my life? My mind just gets fed with a lot of wise words, but some seconds later I have completely forgotten it. Maybe it’s better to hear a friend talk about a lesson they have learned in life and discuss it together. I think the chances for remembering that conversation is much higher than remembering the posts on Instagram.

The comparison I do sometimes other people post a picture of their life, can make me complain about my situation and my life instead of solving the tasks I have in hand. Maybe not consciously, but I think seeing all those posts do have an affect of how grateful I can be to my life.

I have decided to delete the new account. Good-bye instagram.

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