Raksha bandan

OBS: My intention is not to hurt anyone’s feeling with this post. What I am trying to do, is to explain why I and my brother don’t celebrate raksha bandan. 


Among many Indians, included Sikhs, “raksha bandan” has become a ritual. Is this something that our Gurus would stood for?

Guru Nanak Sahib Ji said “so kio manda aakhiye jit jame rajaan” – why call women bad? From her, kings are born. Throughout history the gurus teached us to stand for equality of  caste, colour, background or gender. We also know that Guru Nanak Sahib Ji stood against the use of janeu ( a sacred thread weared by high-caste Hindus) because Guruji was against caste-system, and he thought the most important thing is to be pure from inside, and just by wearing  janeu doesn’t make you pure.

What is raksha bandan? A sister ties rakhri on the brother’s wrist, and this symbolize that the brother will always protect his sister. In sikhi the Guruji have made the women equally strong and many have fought in wars along with men. Mai Bhago is a perfect example. My brother and I believe that every woman can protect herself, and that’s the main reason I don’t tie a rakhri on his wrist.

Another reason why I don’t believe in rakhri, is the materialistic aspect in it – sister ties a rakhri on the brother’s wrist, and the brother gives the sister a present. Often this is a materialistic gift. I think by doing these materialistic things, the chances are higher that you turn materialistic. You get more attached to materialistic things. Ofcourse, this need not to be true to all,  everything is dependent on that if you can control your monkey mind or not.

Yet another reason I am not a follower of the “raksha bandan”-tradition is that the bond of a brother and sister should be celebrated every single day, in every moment they share together. Why do we have mother’s day celebrating mothers, and raksha bandan celebrating siblings, when you should celebrate them every single day? I think we should be thankful every day that we have siblings, parents, partners and so on.

Again, my intention was not to hurt anyone’s feelings.  I don’t know what’s right or wrong – that’s God to decide. I just shared with you why I and my brother don’t celebrate raksha bandan 🙂

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