Laal tibba, Mussoorie.

Many people living in India prefer to stay at home in air conditioning rooms and surrounded by fans during summers. They love when it’s raining and the weather becomes more “pleasant”. In Norway mamy people are happy to see the sun – they go out and enjoy the sun. During winters many of them visit warm places to see the sun, and here in India many people go to hill stations to enjoy the cool weather. 

It’s weird how people get attracted to what they see the least and don’t value what they have. To walk in the sun in India and then come back home to cold drinking water and a cold shower – that feeling is great. To be able to see the light each day – that is a blessing. To witness that the whole ground turns white in the winters in Norway – that too is a blessing. Why do we always long after the opposite of what we have? Why can we never be grateful for what we have? Why can’t we learn to appreciate it? I too forget to appreciate what I have. Often we realise what beauty lies in the country we live when we visit another country for a long period. I wish I could realise it here and now.

I am not saying that we shouldn’t travel new places. I love travelling new places. What I feel I am missing is to appreciate the moment as it is. Appreciating all the things you have now. All the things you are experiencing now.

We went to a hill station, Mussoorie, this summer, so I thought of sharing some pictures with you 🙂

Walking area near laal tibba 

The hotel area

A Buddhist temple at one of the hill tops 

View at the hill top

The way down from the temple 

Outside another hotel made like the Norwegian huts 

Beautiful view 

It felt like I was in Norway when I saw this natural view and I once again reminded me of what that country means to me. What the things I see daily actually means to me. Before I go to sleep I ask myself what I am grateful for today – I hope this exercise will help me to appreciate what I have here and now.


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