Capturing the moments in your heart

Today you see a lot of people clicking pictures of sceneries and places. I can do that too. However, sometimes, looking at others doing this, I wonder how much they enjoy the moment, the scene in reality.

We are so obsessed clicking pictures these days and sharing it on social media. Many of us click a picture, but we never look at that picture again. It has no value for us, it’s value is just sharing with others, getting likes and letting others know how lucky we are to witness this scene.

Sometimes I ask myself – are we enjoying the moment? Are we going to remember this moment, or is it going to vanish after some minutes or seconds? Can we capture this moment, this view, this feeling in our heart forever? Can we go back to this feeling whenever we feel sad, disappointed, bad?

I will describe you the scene I just saw. Imagine you are seeing what I saw. Standing near the ocean, waiting for the boat to take me home, I am looking at the open ocean and sky in front of me. Slowly it’s turning darker and darker. The blue clouds are slowly turning into a darker blue, then grey and then different tones of dark grey. The waves in the water are going faster and faster, and they are gleaming like stars. You can hear the waves and you can see one black bird flying after the other black bird, silently. There, where you are standing, you have some people around you, but you don’t sense them. You know they are there, but the scene you are watching is taking over all of your attention. You are smiling to yourself. To nature. To the scene. Your heart is smiling too. You feel content. Happy. Thankful to witness this scene. The scene is captured in your heart.

Oh, how I could wish I could take this beautiful moment, feeling, in my heart right now, out whenever I wanted or needed it. Oh, how I wish I could share this moment and feeling with everyone around me.

This post may seem random to you. What is the intention behind this post? I don’t know. I just was watching a scenery with the intention to take time and enjoy it fully. I saw a person busy clicking pictures and talking to the phone and not enjoying the scene itself, and all this made me write this. I believe that I can take out these beautiful moments as guides when I am distress if I truly capture these scenes in my heart by being conscious watching them. I believe the experience of nature in our hearts can remove all the pain we feel.

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