True sangat

What is a true sadh sangat? How can we become a sadh sangat?


I believe a true sangat is two or three persons trying to become better persons – for example by discussing gurbani, helping each other to implement the Gurus teachings in each others lives and to give each other constructive feedback about the faults we should abandon, make us realise our faults and adopt virtues.

We meet different people throughout life with different qualities – some good, some not so good. Sangat could be an arena to discuss how to adopt the good qualities you see in others and how to abandon the not so good qualities you see in others in YOURSELF.  In my opinion, criticism and gossip of others is not what sangat is about. Through sangat you can reflect on your own qualities by looking at others qualities.

Let me offer you an example. You are in a situation where someone yells at you full of anger. You react and discuss with your sangat what happened. You have two options: either criticising the other person or to discuss how anger can make one loose control, and how to control our own anger. The last option is all what sangat is about – always be focused on how to improve/maintain the virtues you already have and how to abandon your faults/vices.

“Let us form a partnership, and share our virtues; let us abandon our faults, and walk on the Path”. You can form a sangat with your partner, sibling, mother, father, friend etc. Let us find a person or two and form a partnership to become the best version of ourselves.

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16 thoughts on “True sangat

  1. This is absolutely amazing. (Saadh) Sangat is so hard to come by – Bin Bhaagan Satsang Na Labhae. One needs amazing Bhaag (good fortune) to meet people who remind them of Vaheguru Ji.
    Thank you for sharing this.

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      1. I was watching a Katha on Youtube – Basics of Sikhi (have you heard of them?), and they were saying how they were a part of a Sangat group. They then said that 3 of the Singhs in the group had done Ardaas (unknown to each other) to be blessed with Sangat before they had met.

        The power of Ardaas. Amazing.

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    1. Basics of Sikhi have changed my life. Definitely have a watch if you get some time :). Absolutely. And how amazing it is, that once the Ardaas happens, Maharaj doesn’t delay even in the slightest. He arranges for you to meet Sangat. It’s truly beautiful.


  2. Hmm there are a lot of people from Sikh origin over here. I don’t know if I can call all Sikhs though as not everyone believe in what our Gurus believed in. I feel that a lot of people go to Gurdwara just because it’s a social gathering. There are some here who I think take it seriously and are trying to follow the path, but I missing a gathering of all these people, where we could develop into better human beings


  3. Ah. That is interesting. It’s actually quite funny. I was listening to a Katha and they were saying that they once asked the question ‘who is a Sikh?’ and a lot of people put their hand up. They then asked ‘who is a Guru da Sikh?’, and the majority of the hands went down. They then proceeded to ask ‘if you’re not a Sikh of the Guru, then who’s Sikh are you?’ – it was totally a mind-blasting moment!

    Actually, I was just listening to Basics of Sikhi yesterday and they mentioned that there is a Pankti Uchaared by Guru Ram Das Ji Maharaj that says if you long for such people who are taking it seriously and trying to follow the Path, Guru Ji will automatically set your Path to cross with these amazing souls. Because it’s important to not judge, and if we seek out such blessed souls, we will classify each one as good/bad/serious/not-serious etc. etc. If you’re truly yearning to meet these Sangat, then Guru Ji will lead you to them Themselves :). If that makes sense!


  4. There’s definitely Sangat here, for which I am very, very thankful for. I long to spend more time with them. I’m a bit greedy this way – always wanting more and more Sangat haha – discussing Gurbani, history or thoughts regarding Vaheguru Ji. Anything about Sikhi really. I would often try to search and chase these blessed beings, but after listening to the Katha yesterday (in the post above), have realised that Guru Ji does it all Themselves and depending on how badly you yearn for it.


  5. Haha, that question one should ask in every gurdwara!

    Oh, you have a point there. Maybe I am not yearning after that sangat as much as I should. Now that I am thinking I have met a friend from another faith, who I love to discuss life and values with. It’s amazing how we connect with each other despite being from different faiths. The company I have with her, I would call a sangat. I would love to have company with more people like that – who you can discuss these things with an open mind!

    Aww that sounds really nice! That could be true – that we don’t need to actively search for them. They will come by themselves if we yearn for their company. I have never thought that way. Thank you!


    1. Haha. Don’t think it would go down too well at a Gurduara! Although, definitely think it would be a huge hit/realisation for a lot of the Sangat. It may even please Guru Ji that whoever asks the question is brave enough to pose the question.

      You know it’s even more interesting. I’m sorry to keep on referencing Basics of Sikhi, but there was another Katha and they were talking about Sehaj – equipoise. The yearning comes by itself. Sometimes it just comes and everything falls in place. When you force something, you may not get your desired result. But when Guru Ji blesses you with the yearning, it’ll be effortless and whatever you wanted/desired will come.

      There’s a Saakhi – When Guru Nanak Dev Ji was leaving on His first Udaasi, his wife and children were really, really sad and didn’t want Guru Ji to leave. Bebe Nanaki stayed silent and said “How will I live without your Darshan?”. Guru Ji answered “whenever you think of Me, I will come”. So when Guru Ji Left, Bebe Nanaki sat down the next time and tried to remember Guru Ji over and over and over again. But nothing happened. She tried again, and still it did not work. She thought “my Guru cannot be wrong. I must be making some mistake”.

      Another day she was making Parshaade and one of them poora Phull geya (puffed up with air) and without even thinking, she thought, “only if my Guru Brother were here to eat this Parshaada”. Because it was effortless and with so much love, Guru Ji walked in through the door.

      So don’t feel like you have to force the yearning. it comes when Guru Ji blesses us :).

      That’s so amazing! If you don’t me asking, what kind of things do you and your friend from another faith speak about?


  6. Haha! Yes, true, it can be a huge hit for the sangat 🙂

    That’s a beautiful sakhi, and a beautiful way to explain the concept of yearning! Thank you! It’s probably the same with sewa – you cannot force yourself into doing sewa, then you are probably doing it with some intention in mind (like I will get this and this by doing that). You have to do it effortless and with love – that’s selfless service or sewa.

    The interesting thing is that the day I wrote the post to you, I met another friend who I had completely forgotten is also someone I love to talk about sikhi-related topics. It was like that day I wrote the post and thought about the importance of sangat, I coincidently met her.

    Ofcourse you can ask! We talk about a lot of things. About time – the importance of living here and now, priorities – how we get busy in just “studying” and forget to take out time for things we value, the power of prayer, nature and so on 🙂 We have also talked a lot about the ego and other vices we carry.


    1. Apologies for the late reply!

      Yes you’re absolutely right. When it’s’s proper Kirpa.

      Oh wow really? Haha. There are no coincidences. Maybe it was Hukam :D. Anyone to talk about Sikhi with is a huge, huge blessing.

      Wow. That’s so amazing! How is life in Norway like? Closest I’ve been is in Denmark, and had an absolutely amazing time there with Singhs and the Gyaniji!

      That’s absolutely awesome that you have someone to chat to about ego, vices and other stuff. It’s Vichaar at it’s best 😀


  7. I am too sorry for late reply! Life is busy right now.

    If you have been to Denmark, you will not find that much differences in Norway. Just a beautiful nature 🙂 mountains, lakes, greenery – everything natural!

    So true, really a blessing.



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