Ambivalent relation to my mobile

You must be wondering what type of heading this is. Yes, I have an ambivalent relation to my smartphone and smartphones of other people. How?

Sometimes I feel I cannot live without it. Sometimes I feel I want to throw it.
Sometimes I feel it’s a blessing that I can talk to anyone I haven’t met for ages on the phone.
Sometimes I feel like throwing other people’s smartphones away I am trying to have a proper conversation.

Sometimes I feel my smartphone can take the time I could use more wisely – the time I could use on interacting with my family, practising kirtan which I want to be better at, start to paint with the colours I bought ages ago with the thought to create something just for fun (the box of colours and the paper roll is still unpacked).

The conclusion on this confused post would probably be to reflect upon how much time we devote to smartphones. Yes, the phone could be useful sometimes, but are we misusing it? Are we letting it take the place of more important things? The thing we just checked on the mobile – how useful is it? Did we get wiser? Will we remember this information the next day and can we implement it in our lives to become better humanbeings? Hope I didn’t confuse you too.

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