Today I was proud to be from the human race

You heard it right. Today I am proud. Really proud. My faith in human race has increased. My faith in humanity, love and altruism has increased. 

Today a famous campaign in Norway, Tv-aksjonen, was collecting money for the rainforest. Each year this campaign support different causes. This time the money is going to the rainforests in Peru, Brazil, Kongo and New-Guinea. The reason the money is going to this cause this time, is that the disruption of the irreplaceable rainforest is one of our times most serious, global environment issues. In addition 260 million of people have their home in the rainforest, above half of the world-languages are spoken in the rainforest and 50-80 % o
f the world’s plant and animal species live in the rainforest.20151018_170753

Today when I was collecting money for the rainforests, I was surprised by how many people supported this. I was overwhelmed of the response. That teenager who ran and brought 300 kr (Norwegian currency) and her mother saying – “you are givi20151018_165223ng everything you had away”. When that little girl said maybe she had money when her mother said she didn’t have, and ran to look if she had or not, disappointed when she didn’t find anything. People showed so much love and altruism that I got more faith in humanity. Humanity exists, people who can love, show care for others and share with others, exists. Imagine what people can do together if we gather all this love. If we gather all this care. Imagine what revolution we can bring in this world. Positive revolution. Revolution of love.

We have a potential inside us to share love with others, to care for others and to help the needy. I have faith in humanity. I know we can bring a revolution together, and we can erase injustice.

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