Today I felt proud

One classmate asked me about Sikhi today. He wanted to know more about my religion. When I held a presentation about sikhi in 10th grade and 13th grade, I always got embarrassed when talking about bodily hair. But now it seems like things have changed.

He just asked a general question about sikhi. I could decide what to tell. And suddenly I started talking about uncut hair and acceptance without giving it another thought. I talked so freely, without any sign of embarrassment. I told him that one reason we keep uncut hair is acceptance. When we accept our outer look, we can move our attention inwards and try to change our inner habits and instincts to become a better person. We don’t change our appearance based on what’s “the new fashion” in society. For example today it’s fashion somewhere to have beard, the other day it was not. We keep ourselves like we are – and try to develop into better humanbeing. I cannot tell you how proud I was while telling this. How proud I was to be different. How proud I was to stand out like someone different.

This post may seem random, but I couldn’t resist, had to share this change with you.

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