Daily kindness #1

A caring community

There is so much hatred around us. Let us show the world light, through kindness. Let us practice to be kind. Here is a list of examples of how we can incorporate kindness into our daily lives.
  1. A car, bus or another vehicle stops for you so you can cross the road? Take a moment to make eye-contact, nod or wave and smile to the driver as a sign of gratitude. Show others that you appreciate their kind act.
  2. Sometimes we go think about how grateful we are for having the people we have in our lives. Don’t just think about it, TELL them. If you appreciate your classmate, tell her/him that you appreciate them and why you do so.
  3. I have experienced people who give away packages of food for free on the road to advertise their product, maybe you have experienced the same. How can you act kindly here? Sometimes this product is of no importance for you and you don’t take it. Take it and give it to someone else who needs it or needs it more than you. If you see a hungry beggar on the road, give it to him/her.
  4. A car, bus or another vehicle has waited a long time so people before you can cross the road. Stop and show the driver with a gesture and a smile that they can go first. You can wait.
  5. When you have the key to the house and you know someone is at home, in stead of ringing the bell, and make someone in the house open the door, you can take out your key in your bag and open it yourself.
  6. You are on a tram/metro and see that an old person, disabled person, pregnant lady, a little child just entered and has no place to sit. Give your seat to that person.
  7. Ok, this may sound weird. You are visiting a washroom, and see that the toilet is dirty. If there is any toilet brush in the washroom, take it and wash the toilet, so the next person will come to a clean toilet.
Make kindness a habit. Make daily acts of kindness a habit, something that happens automatically rather than something you have to think a lot about before doing. Let this healthy habit replace a more unhealthy habit!
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