Go deep into your emotions

A musician shared  how she made her music and composed the texts to her songs. I tried to do the same, and till now I feel it’s working, so I want to share it with you.
She said that to write her songs, she needed to go deep into herself, deep into the emotions she was feeling. To go deep into her emotions was not always comfortable, sometimes it made her cry, sometimes it made her realize what she desired, but it helped her compose a text full of deep felt emotions. Whenever I feel anything now, I try my best to discover within what the root is of this emotion. And nearly everytime I come to the conclusion that the root is the ego. That’s not comfortable. But that heals me – it’s easier to let go of the emotion when I dig deep into it and understand where it comes from, why I feel this or why it started. Maybe that’s why mindfulness has been so powerful? And maybe that’s why Guru Granth Sahib urges us to dig into ourselves through shabads like “bandeh khoj dil har roz na phir pareshani mae” (O humanbeing, search your heart each day, and no worry will touch you/nothing will disturb your peace)?
There is something powerful in going deep into your emotions and reflect upon them. Try it. Sometimes it’s good to step out of our comfort zone to learn something new and become better humanbeings.

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