Good-bye dependence of others, hello self-defence :)

We continuously hear that males are stronger than females physically. Maybe they are, but remember not to generalize – there are differences in the populations. In addition if you are not that strong, this doesn’t mean you can’t develop yourself into a stronger person.

The Gurus gave women and men equal status and equal opportunities. There were several ladies who went into the battle, learned how to use a sword and how to defend themselves. Today, not just Sikh women, also other women, face facts like “men amaibhago1re stronger physically”. How does this effect us? Does this mean that a woman cannot get stronger? If Sikh women at the Gurus time, like Mai Bhago, could develop into a stronger being and defend herself, why can’t we? We have the potential inside us. It’s about the motivation to do something about it. I understand that statements like “men are stronger physically”, can be demotivating, but why not focus on positive ideals, women, who have managed to learn self-defence and don’t need to depend on anyone else to protect herself or others?

If you encounter a situation were someone tries to abuse someone, wouldn’t you want to be so strong that you can be of any help? If you are walking alone in a deserted place, don’t you want to feel confident enough that you can tackle any obstacle coming in the way?

untitledI have been learning self-defence the last ten years, and I love it. Self-defence was not “made for me”, how I looked or look physically – I will consider myself of one of the weakest at my age physically, but that wasn’t an obstacle for learning how to defend myself. If you consider yourself as weak physically, that doesn’t mean that self-defence is nothing for you. It’s important that every woman and man knows how to defend theirselves and the weak around them. The Sikh Gurus emphasized that you should be strong both physically AND mentally, and they said this for our own  good.

Women can be very strong mentally. Use that to develop yourself into a being that is physically strong and can defend herself. To learn self-defence or doing exercise to get stronger, requires a strong mind – a strong mind to maintain the discipline. You are thinking? Try it! Go out of your comfort-zone. So YOU can defend yourself without depending on others.

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