The little girl and the big lesson

Here I am watching a note I wrote back to the year 2011 – the exact date being 13.01.2011. And it made me smile. So I wanted to share it with you.

I remember that day I was learning ice-skating with some friends. I was not good at it, falling so many times. There were some kids skating at the same ice as us. One of them, a unknown, little girl, came to me and suddenly said: If you are good at something one year, you will be a bit less good at it if you start the activity next year when the suitable season for the activity comes again. But after a while, you will be MUCH better than last year. That’s why you should not loose hope and keep going.

O little precious girl, thank you for giving me this lesson in life in so simple and innocent words. Whatever I do, cycling, school work etc, I will try to keep your motivating words with me. I don’t remember your face or how old you were. What I know is that if you continue making people around you happy, like you made me happy, you will reach very far. My prayers are with you ♥ image


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