Why worry?

Earlier this week I was assuring my brother that whatever his exam results will be, it will be the best for him in the long-run. He was worrying what grades he would receive. Why do we worry? Here is a short post of my experience about worrying.

When I was in secondary school, I was worrying about my marks. Since class 6th I wanted to start the Medicine-line in the University. I think I was somewhat influenced by the kind of Indian mentality, that you have to become an engineer, doctor or lawyer, it wasn’t what I actually wished to do. So I had a routine to study a lot before an exam and lot of my preparation-period went out in worrying about what would happen if I didn’t get the top-most grade. Moreover, when the results arrived and they were not as I wished them to be, I used a lot of energy thinking of what my future would be. When I got the results I wanted, however, I went to babajis room and thanked God by heart.

What did I get from worrying so much? When I look back, I know that I wasted lot of my energy on worrying, which I could rather use on more appropriate and worthwhile  things. It’s not just the energy I wasted, it’s that I didn’t trust God that whatever will happen to my future, will be to my own good. If there were some subjects I didn’t get the top-grades in, it was for my own good. Those grades wasn’t enough to get admission in the medicine-line, but I now know that Medicine wasn’t for me. Psychology is for me. It just felt so right from the very first day I started the Psychology-line.

Do I regret wasting energy on worrying? NO! I have learned something from this experience, and now I have started living life and stop worrying about things. I do still worry about some issues , but the frequency and quantity is minimal compared to my past. Moreover, I am aware of it. That helps, trust me. I am happy now. I am satisfied. I still sometimes need to be reminded of that everything that happens is for our own good, but in most situations, I have changed my attitude.

God is there for me, you and everyone else. Every experience, good or bad, will make us stronger, more determined and satisfied. Next time you are worrying about something, remember this line in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji; Nanak chinta mat karo, chinta tis hee he – O Nanak, don’t be anxious; the Lord will take care of you


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