When the wind touches your skin, and you suddenly become more aware

I was going to post this yesterday, but blog.com was not working. Since I have a category named “passions”, it’s time to write about my passions. Recently I have got more fond of cycling. Why? It’s something about doing exercize outside… you become more aware…

The wind touches tour skin, suddenly you feel more aware. You listen to the birds singing and the wind buzzing around you. You cycle past some kids playing and laughing, watch the trees you are passing. Your thoughts stops, and you concentrate more on your breath, your surroundings and to keep the balance.

(My beautiful bike 🙂 )

I went down to the beachside, and touched the water. Yesterday was a hot day, so there was so much joy to put my feet in the water, and just enjoy the moment. I am very fond of water –  there is a beauty in it. Looking at and listening to the waves… open sea which looks like never-ending, like the Universe. Makes me realize how vast Gods Creation is, we can’t even imagine. It’s never-ending. So that’s another passion – water. Just to look at it, feel it and enjoy every drop that touches you.

(The view while cycling towards the beach)

My aim is to cycle more this summer – it gives me so much. You feel more fit, more aware and happier. I recommend you to take some time for yourself, for your health. If not cycling, take a walking tour outside. Use some time to become more aware/conscious.

(The pictures are  of phone quality.)

Cycling is like what your life should be – you need a balance in life, otherwise you will fall down someday. You need to remember to have a connection with your inner body – as in breath, pulse, heartbeat etc. while doing your usual work. You need to be more aware in life and appreciate those little things, like your surroundings and kids laughter.


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