We are on a speed train

“Humanbeings are being stuffed into a fast train, said the little prince, but they do not know what they are travelling for, and so they travel around and return home again to the place they went from”  (my translation)- “Le petit prince”, Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s book. Where are we? Which track are we on? We are moving forward, fast and steady, as we will lose something. But aren’t we losing something in the midway? Aren’t we losing the JOURNEY, just because we want to enjoy the RESULTS?

Spring is here, and I am finished reading a book I got as a birthday present from a very special friend of mine this February – a book with a beauty that cannot be described. This book is about a prince from another planet, who meets a friend, in the form of an humanbeing, when he comes to Earth, and he describes how weird humanbeings are. The main person is “the friend”, he is telling the story from his standpoint. I recommend it, this little thing has everything in it. When I was reading some pages yesterday, my mind stepped into the “thoughtfulkaur”-mode,  and I remembered that it’s been long since I have written anything here.

Let me start with a scene from yesterday’s reading (my translation). This scene starts after the prince and “I” (main person) have walked in the desert, both thirsty, searching for water, when they finally find water, and the prince has quenched his thirst “- The people on your planet plant five thousands of roses in every garden, said the little prince, and yet they don’t find what they are looking for… – No, they don’t find it. – And yet they could find what they were looking for in every rose or in a bit of water…” Later on, the prince continues “- but the eyes are blind. We have to search with our heart. I was drinking water. I was breathing relieved. Early in the morning the colour of the sand is the same as honey. The honey-colour filled my body with happiness. Why had I to wander around in worries?”

Study, work, study, work, study, work. We have to reach our mission. We have to buy a new house. We have to earn enough money to establish a family. We have to read all these pages before the exam. We are constantly focusing on the results, on our goals. We forget to appreciate the process, the journey. Only when we are really needing something, we appreciate it’s value. After an exercize session, we appreciate the drinking water, but when we drink water routinely, we forget to appreciate it, as we are focused on the goals, the plans. Our focus is to succeed. What we forget is that appreciating the process, focusing on the process, will lead to better results AND we will appreciate life more.

Outside we can see the spring is here. The day I read these pages, I noticed the all the things that told me that the spring is here. Walking home, instead of focusing what I had to do when reaching home, I focused on the process of walking home and took some pictures of the signs I saw. And you know what? It was a beautiful walk. A beautiful process.

Remember that life is as much about the process as the result. As more you appreciate the process, the more you will appreciate the results. We humanbeings should not be on the speed train of life. We should rather be walking in life, walk slowly, to enjoy each bit of the process. The speed train make us forget to appreciate the little things in life that are much needed. Those things will be appreciated if we slow down, if we start walking. Do you see the spring-signs outside yet? Do you feel the touch of the wind? The soft raindrops?

Mobile quality on pictures.

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