The study-time will never come back… Which time will?

A lot of times I have been in situations where people give me or others advice about time. People saying  things like “the study-time will never come back, enjoy it”, “enjoy the time while you are still single”, “the period between engagement and marriage doesn’t come back” ,”childhood doesn’t come back”, “the time your kids are small, will never come back” and so on. If you think about it, the moment you are giving this advice, is not going to come back either, so is it Worth it to use your time on giving that advice? What is the underlying reason for you saying this? Is it regret of not using your time wisely? And why are you advising about a specific time and not time in general?

The point is not to criticize people who give these advices. The point is that we often use time to think about this on our own too –  we are trapped in thoughts of regret or memories about the past. Either we are regretting why we didn’t enjoy a period in the past, e.g. our childhood, why that time went so fast or we are missing that time immensely. If we think logically, we are wasting away the time we are using in regret or memories about the past. So to the cost of the past, we are missing out the “now”. Furthermore, what will happen in the future if we use our present time regretting about the past or being stuck in memories about the past? In the future you will regret that you didn’t you this time properly. The “now” you are living in, will soon become a part of your past, and your past will be filled with more regret. The more you fill your mind with regret, the more it will be difficult to cleanse it.

Let us take an example, to make it easier to understand the point. I have currently been in India for my holidays. At the moment I am studying at my 7th semester in the clinical psychology course. If I use this time on memories about the trip in India, or sitting with any regrets from for example my teenager-years, I will lose this study-time; I will not enjoy it properly. Currently I am learning about how to become a good psychologist. When I, in the future, have more responsibility, I will regret that I didn’t enjoy my study time and complain why that time went so fast. In addition I will not remember what I learned during the study-time, because my mind was trapped in regrets and memories about the past.

So the point is, that every time has it’s own glamour, it’s own charm. Instead of using that time in regret or spending that time with memories of the past, we should embrace the time we are currently living in. Whether it’s a difficult or easy time, bad or good time, we will just grow from it, BUT we will only grow, IF we embrace it.

Do you want to use your whole life living in regrets or memories of the past? Or do you want to in the future, look back and say, I enjoyed my life to my utmost  potential. From now on, do you in the future want to say, that I enjoyed every moment in my life after I realized how pointless it is to live in regrets about the past, living in your memories/mind or using my time to complain about the past?

Then what are we waiting for?


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