The infinite sky

It’s time to write about another passion, or rather show you pictures of it, because words can’t describe it enough. I will give it a try to make you understand what it means to me though. One passion is to observe the sky and appreciate its beauty. That happens not every day, some days I am more aware of it, others day I am so lost in thoughts, that I forget to notice these beautiful small things in life which brings you the ultimate happiness – observing and appreciating the God’s Creation.

On those days I am aware, I often stop up a bit, stare and admire the sky. Sometimes in awe I end up taking pictures of the view from my mobile, not that those pictures can compare with reality. Passersby may think that this girl is crazy, what’s she looking at and why? Maybe she is taking a selfie? Haha. Honestly, at those moments caring about what others are thinking, is not something going on in my mind. Those moments are filled with admiration and love for God’s Creation. Those moments removes all anxieties, stress, worries and fear. I those moments I feel like embracing all human beings who pass by me. My heart fills up with kindness.

Why do I feel like this? I don’t know why actually. The sky is infinite, just as God, and it just exists, in harmony with God’s Will. Without an ego. That makes me think of us. Why can’t we live like this? In harmony with His Will? Sometimes I feel like removing my ego and throw it away, just to realize the infinite inside me. Then there comes up a situation where I feel like I can’t resist my ego, and later use an excuse and start defending myself to myself – “I acted like that because of that valid reason”. We all act in ego, but gurbani teaches us that when we seek deep inside us, we will find something that want’s to throw away the ego. Thesky is a lovely reminder of something that lives in harmony with God’s Will, something that lives without ego, and gives me inspiration and reminds me of it whenever I am aware of it.

You may not have the same passion as me. But I would suggest to you that just once, try to observe the sky, be in the moment and observe what feelings arise in you.

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NB: all Pictures are from my mobile 🙂


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