Let me take you to Gran Canaria

Travelling and exploring the world around you can give you an insight into how small you are compared to the infinite  God’s Creation. You can find people in different countries doing the same things as you do in your own country, realizing how same you are, that there is One Divine Force uniting us all. And you can learn how blessed you are, when you see things in other countries, which you don’t face in your own country. That’s some of the reasons I like to travel.  One week to Gran Canaria with family was good – there are always some things you like and somethings you don’t. The picture you see on the left, is from the airport. We were met with hot weather, going from minus degrees to plus degrees makes an impact itself. Let’s explore Gran Canaria together through this post 🙂

General positive points:

  1. People are helpful – whether they know English or not, they are ready to help as much as they can
  2. Food is cheap compared to here where I live
  3. A handful of vitamin D – the sun don’t get tired of shining
  4. You want a relaxing holiday? This place is for you.
  5. Possibilities for jogging, swimming and making yourself fit

General negative points:

  1. Smoking – I usually ignore to sit where people are smoking, but at Gran Canaria this was nearly impossible! Prepare yourself for a lot of smoking
  2. Not much to see – as the hotel receptionist said when I asked what it was to see in Puerto Rico (where we lived): “In Puerto Rico? It’s just sun and beaches!”
  3. You are Indian and like food with some masala? I tried out the Spanish dish Paella, and there was no masala – it felt like you were eating “kache” rice, if you know what I mean. But that was my first and last time trying it, maybe it’s better in some other restaurants, so don’t take my words that serious. You should try it.

Exploring Gran Canaria:

We were living in Puerto Rico, a place which I felt was specially made for tourists. A place between the mountains – a little city protected by large mountains and lots of tourists. The view from the hotel was amazing I recommend that you book a hotel that’s at some height in the mountains. This way you get to watch how the hotels are arranged in the mountains, and a person like me who loves the sky, gets to watch a new form of the sky each day. You can either book a hotel here, or a hotel near the beach – there you will have view to the Atlantic sea, and that too sounds amazing in itself 😉

Puerto Rico is a nice place for jogging. At day 2 me and dad went for jogging, and it was lovely – you get time with each other, and you get to explore where you living while you are maintaining your health. Nearby there was a shopping mall, with a lot of restaurants and a beautiful park. Everything was very dry though – we didn’t see the rain the seven days we stayed over there. At the shopping mall there was an Indian resturant named Happy Valley – I reccommend that restaurant, great food with a good “tarka”, as they say. There were two other restaurants I liked, but I have forgotten their name :/

In Puerto Rico we ate this ice-cream, as we did 11 years ago when we were at Gran Canaria last time. I don’t remember that much from that previous trip, but this ice-cream I remembered. Do try it!

You know those small joys? Watching this beautiful butterfly in Puerto Rico gave me the summer-feeling. They are living so attuned with God’s Hukam. We all have something to learn from them 🙂

One of the days we went to the most family-friendly beach in Puerto Rico, Amadores. The walk from the hotel to this beach is amazing. With view to Atlantic Sea (you can’t see the end of the ocean), it’s a must do if you are planning to go to Puerto Rico. When we reached the beach, we had a chineese dinner buffet, and the most beautiful thing about it, was watching the sunset while eating 🙂 You can see me and my making vain efforts to make a heart, haha. Again, those small joys.

As it’s limited what you can see in Puerto Rico, and my family loves to explore the cities we visit (even if our knees hurt when we are back), we went to another city Mogan, which I will call the flower-city. You can either take boat or bus to Mogan from Puerto Rico. We chose the boat, and I am not regretting that choice. The speciality of Mogan was it’s flowers and the market it had. It’s recommended to look at the local shops, and look at the prices there – you can easily be fooled at the market. Usually it is good to bargain a bit 😛

We also went to Maspalomas – this is where we got the best chineese food. An English lady in one of the shops of the mall in Puerto Rico recommended Maspalomas and told us that here you will get the best food, and I so agree. So if you want to try some good food (not that cheap as in Puerto Rico however), this is the place to go. Here you will also find shopping malls if you are fond of shopping (unlike me :P).

(Ah, only ONE picture, finally!)

The biggest city and the capital of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, is just one hour with bus from Puerto Rico. Here you can enjoy the city life, and meet more locals than tourists, which is an experience itself. We went to Old City here and out for some shopping on the mainstreet. I love old cities, they are so cozy. The restaurants in the old city where closed, but we went at the top of a tower of the church and enjoyed the view. The price was 1 euro per person, which is quite cheap, it was worth it.

Now that I am tired of posting pictures, I will just post ONE more picture, and this one is a special memory. In Puerto Ricos shopping mall there were three guys standing there with their stand, the t-shirt-makers. You could yourself chose which colour you want, if you wanted some special design, the font you wanted for your-own-text on the t-shirt. Here you can see me and my brother’s t-shirts 🙂

You can travel as much as you want, but when you are too long at one place, you start missing your home, or I don’t know about you, but I do. Be grateful for the place you are living at, appreciate it’s beauty. Often you notice something new in your home-country each week – “Oh, does that bird exist in my country?”, “I haven’t seen this tree before” or “oh, what a beautiful scene, why haven’t I noticed it before?” This is that we are not living consciously. In some moments we are more conscious than other, that’s why we notice these “new” things. Other times there will always be a change in something around you whether you are conscious or not. Being conscious will let us appreciate this beauty. I remember to read somewhere that often people travel  to other countries and appreciate their beauty more because they are more conscious – they have taken a conscious step to travel to this country. Let us make a conscious step to explore our home-environment. It was a pleasure coming back to this:

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