I am so little

Sitting here, realizing how little I am. One person living in a country with thousands of other people. One person living with million of other creatures in one country. One person living in this huge world, with an infinite number of creatures. Living in this universe with creatures you cannot count. If you start counting, you will die before finishing your project, a Sikhs daily morningprayer, Japji Sahib conveys this. If I am so little, then why am I giving so much attention to myself?

It’s strange. For some time ago a person said to me – “People have become so egoistic. They have forgotten how to take care of others”. We are living in a world where the attention is on “me, me and me”. Whenever doing something, usually we think, consciously or unconsciously, “What do I get by doing this? How does this help me?” Rarely we do something for the good of others without thinking about our own profit in it. Here, I am sitting, realizing how little I am in this vast creation. But still, I am thinking of myself. How egoistic.

Have you realized that we are living in a society where there is a class-system no matter where in the world you are living? We are living blindly in each of our countries, thinking that if I am having a good time, everyone has. There exist people who don’t have money to buy a house, they live at the roads. There are drugaddicts who we are scared of or ignore, who actually have a history with troubles we cannot imagine. There are foreigners, who have dreamed of being successful in the career-market, but they don’t get the job they want, because of their look. We are living in our own little “bubble”, just concerned about our own problems and difficulties, not realizing that lot of other people face even deeper problems than we do, every day. We are living in the society and talk about the goods this society gives us, forgetting those people the society ignores.

There are so many creatures in this world. Yet I am giving myself the most attention, acting like this is “mine” life, only concerned with my own happiness. Here, where I am sitting, I am thinking of how egoistic I am. I am giving myself so much value. Sitting here, while thinking of the enormous creation that exist, I am feeling so small. Feeling like my focus should change. From myself to others. From my welfare to others welfare. From my happiness to others happiness. From selfish deeds to selfless deeds. I want to do things for others for their happiness, without thinking of my own benefit in it. I want to act consciously in this blindly class-system we are living in, what our Gurus condemned at their times. This is my prayer to God. Give me strength to do this.

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