Formula of my life – simplicity

Everyone have some “formulas” they apply in their daily life. Formulas that influence their lifestyle, their behaviour, choices and interactions with others. We have no right to say that the formula that applies in someone else’s life is right or wrong, whether it is congruent with our lives. I, like everyone else, also have certain formulas in my life. This post is dedicated to one of those – simplicity.

I went to a party the other day, wearing a sari for the first time, and someone came to me and said that I looked nice, but simple in it. Simple as in no shining-or-diamond-type-of-thing on the sari, wearing no necklace and no earrings (This person didn’t say it in an offending way, no, the person understood and respected it when I told my liking 🙂 ).  I, on the other hand, was actually feeling that the sari was too much, that I didn’t need to wear anything additional to it, like a necklace or earrings (which I actually don’t use at all). Just here we can see different perspectives and formulas people have on a simple thing like clothing and how to dress up for a party.

I don’t know why, there are some formulas that just fit your personality, and simplicity is something that fits my personality well, I think. It’s not that I don’t get ready for special ceremonies. I do. I just prefer to let it be simple – as in more decorated that I would do in a normal day, but still as simple touch, not with something I will feel uncomfortable with. I am not comfortable with wearing Indian or Western dresses with lots of shine or pearls in it, wearing big necklaces, using lot of my time on shopping, having big expectations of different types of food each day etc. I like to let it be simple, and focus my concentration on other aspects in my life. However, I respect those people who like these things – you have your own formulas and your own way of being comfortable. Do what makes YOU comfortable, not what makes the people around you comfortable! 🙂

I believe that whatever formulas you have in your life, they should make you comfortable. If you are doing it so the world around you should be comfortable, and you are uncomfortable yourself, it’s of no use. Then you are wasting away your life in pleasing others, not yourself. So take a moment and reflect on the formulas in your life. Does these formulas make you happy? Do they bring comfort and satisfaction in your life?


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