Feel connected through singing

Passions. Most people have something they are passionate about, something that gives their life value, something that makes they feel good. One of my passions is singing. It brings positive energy into my life. Singing makes me feel more connected. With my feelings, thoughts, who I am and people surrounding me.

I know that when I leave this world or when I start my own home, one thing my family will notice and miss, is the female voice singing aloud in the house. Whether it’s shabad (hymns from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji), Indian or English songs, if you were in my family, you could expect to hear this live in the house atleast once a day. I don’t know what it is with singing that makes me feel so good. Singing can mean everything from something I can bring out my emotions or thoughts through, to something that is done with no intention. You know that feeling when something in life gives you a boost of energy, no matter how you feel or how you day has been? That’s singing for me.

Keerath prabh ki gao meri rasna – a sneakpeak into my world. Singing a hymn from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji 🙂

Even my name, Harveen, means God’s Music or God’s Instrument, reflects my passion very well. That can be a reason why I feel so connected. I read somewhere on Sikhnet once, a bhenji writing about how she believes the meaning of our name is an essential mission in our life. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I like the idea that I can use the beautiful meaning of my name and make it one of the goals of my life. In this case, that I can use my passion for singing to connect with God. Our gurus where fond of music and they preached that through kirtan (reciting hymns in Sikhism and playing instruments along) and sadh sangat (holy congregation), one can merge with God. Why is that? Music has power. It gives you power. Singing has power. It gives you power. There is something in it. If you sing shabads with love and devotion, I think you can realize that there is a powerful vibration in it, which can change your whole inner being and let your inner being tune in the same vibration. I believe our gurus had a solid reason behind saying that through kirtan, singing God’s Praises, one can reach salvation – be part of the One God, He/She who is in everyone and everything.

This post may seem weird. I am just emphasizing what I see in singing. Next time you hear music, try to realize the power in it. There is something Divine in it. Kirtan brings you close to God. I truly believe this. It’s something about the tunes, the emotions, the words, the wisdom and the vibration…


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