Everything around me is sacred

Here I was one day reading one of the lectures of Harbhajan Singh ji. He was emphasizing that everything around us is sacred. God has created everything, so therefore the creation is sacred. A dear friend of mine and I had a conversation about the thing he was emphasizing – is everything around us sacred?

As we were talking, we came to the conclusion that yes, every natural thing around us is truly sacred. Nature is sacred, as it is natural, and it is our duty to maintain and protect it. I have always thought that the wisdom contained in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is sacred, and that is a good enough reason for me to respect it, protect it and appreciate the value of that wisdom. Just take a moment and think – if everything around us is sacred, are we giving that sacredness the value it deserves? Or are we walking by without noticing. The nature around us, those beautiful trees, those birds singing, the wind, the rain, the sun, the snow – do we notice it? Or do we wander in our own thoughts and worries? Maybe you are answering, YES, I do notice the weather, the nature every single day. Okay, that’s fine. Then I will ask you, but do you appreciate it? Or do you criticize it? “Oh, not again! It’s raining. I will get wet and my hair.. Ouff, my hair – what will people think about me now!

If we go ahead with the assumption that everything around us is sacred, we can still ask ourselves, is the house we are living in sacred? Is the school we are going to sacred? After all these are things are man-made. My opinion on this is that yes, our house and our school is sacred if we are thankful for it, not attached to it and do not use it as tool to strengthen our ego. To be thankful for something, to pray somewhere, makes the environment sacred.

Hmm, okay, I understand your point, you may be thinking, that you can still ask the same question – is everything around us sacred? My answer will be (I can’t say if that’s the correct answer or not, but this is one perspective to look at it) after having that conversation with my friend, that the things that hurt or damage the Gods creation, is not sacred. The cars that pollute the environment, the alcohol and drugs that damage our body and brain and the things that make our distance from God greater, are not sacred.

Use some minutes of this evening to think about the issue I have raised here – What do you think? Do you feel everything around you is sacred? Do share your view if you feel like. I would love to hear your opinion. Tomorrow is a new day. Use it to be thankful, use it to appreciate the sacredness in everything around you and use it to take care of that sacredness.


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