Don’t complain, live in gratitude.

We are constantly complaining. Whenever we have pain, we usually complain, either to others or to ourselves through our negative thoughts or inner dialogue. If we don’t reach home to watch our favourite serial, if we have to clean up the house, if we feel cold, whatever reason, our initial response is usually complaining. This post applies to me, just like it applies to you and everyone else who have this problem of complaining.

I was monitoring my mind and thoughts a bit this time I got fever. Seeing how easily it was for me to complain over my condition, pain and  the cold weather, I was shocked. Yes, you feel pain in different parts of your body when you have fever, but what about those who are living with a muscular disease, who have to undergo this pain each moment, each day in their whole life? Instead of complaining, shouldn’t I live in gratitude for what I have?

When you have fever, you get more easily tired than when you don’t have fever. You know your exams are coming near, and you are complaining that you have a lot of work to finish before the exams. What about those people who have chronic fatigue syndrome, who have this feeling each moment, each day? Many people suffering from this syndrome, live isolated in their homes. To go out with friends is too tiring, and because everyone is “busy” in their own lives, those people who visit them are rare. Instead of complaining, shouldn’t I live in gratitude for what I have?

The weather feels even colder when you are having fever. You are lying there, in a blanket, in a house and complaining about feeling cold. There are countless people living on the streets, without a roof to live under, without the warm blanket you have. When they get fever or cold, what can they do? I have atleast a house and a warm blanket. Instead of complaining, shouldn’t I live in gratitude for what I have?

Some of us are lucky, they can take free from school or their job when they have fever. Others, however, work day and night. They have no time to think about their health condition. They have to work hard to provide their family with Food. They struggle and work hard to remain under the same roof, so the owner of the house/apartment doesn’t throw them out on the streets. Instead of complaining, shouldn’t I live in gratitude for what I have?

Having fever is just one situation that can elicit complaints. There are dozens of situations like this. Next time you encounter such a situation, try to focus on the positive sides – “I have a warm blanket”, “I am so lucky that I have a family who takes care of me”. Remember, a situation has always two sides – a negative and a positive. It’s up to you and me what we focus on.


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